Get involved! Dallas Christian Women’s Job Corps always has a pressing need for volunteers—especially teachers and mentors.

Become a volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a participant in DCWJC click the link above to submit an application. You may also click here to fill out the online application, give us a call at 214-324-5665 or click here to email.

Volunteer needs

Prayer Support
Each participant, mentor, volunteer, and teacher needs ongoing prayer support.
Critical to the success of each woman enrolled in the DCWJC is support received through a volunteer mentor. Mentor training is provided.
Bible Study
One element that sets apart the DCWJC from other training programs, regular Bible study is essential for each participant, either as a part of a DCWJC group or through a Bible study in a church.
Teachers are needed to teach basic literacy and basic life skills and job readiness classes such as budgeting, appropriate dress, hygiene, interview skills. Teaching experience NOT required.
Many women need financial help so they can attend the training classes. Scholarships insure that they do not go without during training.
Other Items Needed
Participants need childcare, bus passes, haircuts, career clothes, eyeglasses, dental work, etc. You may help by providing these services or by providing financial support for these services.
Job Placement
Suitable employment for the women must be found once they have completed their training.
Assistance is needed in [1] recruiting participants, mentors, Bible study leaders, and teachers; [2] researching suitable advanced training programs and employment opportunities; [3] hosting DCWJC meetings; [4] providing office support, etc.


Covenant Churches

Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church
Gaston Oaks Baptist Church
Park Cities Baptist Church
Royal Lane Baptist Church
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Mount Hebron Baptist Church
Pleasant Mound UMC
Dallas Baptist Association
The Heights Baptist Church
Colonial Baptist Church

There are many ways your church can be involved

Some churches have chosen to support the ministry by including DCWJC in their annual budget. Some have given a “one time” gift. Your church may want to help by providing resources for material needs of clients such as bus passes, lunches or classroom supplies.
Members of your church who own businesses and would be open to hiring a participant or allowing a participant to “intern” while learning a job skill would be a great benefit to our program. Also, any professionals who could offer their time and expertise on a limited basis (medical, legal, automotive repair, etc.) could provide a much-needed service. Our desire is to set up a comprehensive network to meet the physical and spiritual needs of these women as they make the transition from being dependent to being self-sufficient.
Thanks to the DCWJC my life has been changed for the best in more ways than I expected. I learned many things about myself. I took in as much as I could and began to practice what I learned and now have a full-time job. My family appreciates the change in me and I thank DCWJC for helping me during my transition. I can’t wait to visit and help pay it forward. Thank you to all of the volunteers that make DCWJC possible!



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